The author has sculpted in these last fifty years
everything that has come out of his hands .
Drawing has been the way to flatten and organize his
cumbersome " arsenal ".
That' s why he switched to computer graphics in spite
of it' s dark side ; working with 3D remind us of
" Morel' s Invention " a famous novel by A Bioy Casares ;
Borges' s friend and collaborator ...


Humanities at Vincennes University ,
Studies Architecture in the former "Pavillon Baltard"
which preceded the " Trou des Halles " ...
Early encounters and influences :
Friends as C. Bouillé ; surrealist group (Ranelagh 1967)
Highly attracted by "les peintres à l'ancienne"
from J. Bosh to Delacroix ....
Other influences : "Tel Quel" group , R.Barthes ,
C. Levy Strauss , J. Kristeva , J.L. Sheffer "scenographie
d'un tableau " ( 1967-1972 ) ...

TRAVELS : Hiking in Great Britain and Eire(Clifden)1967
Nothern Sahara in " the old 2cv" via Spain , Ceuta
and Carthage in 1970 ...
Ayear stay in the Caribbean French Antilles
and Guyana in 1973

Voyage to the mists of time : Afghanistan , India
and Nepal ...
Far East via Europe and middle-East before war in
Afghanistan and Islamic Revolution in Iran ...
Return to Europe and beginning
of voyage to the inner self ...

First Comics published . A very inefficient way of
earning a living but a way, one can hope, of assembling
stories and Writing. Obsession is the antagonistic
force that impulses the desire to open the scene in
"l'origine du monde" ( by Courbet ). It's force opposite
to that of Writing, an overpresence due to fascination .

The overwork required by painting activity generates
a conflict with comic strips's own limits. Comics
require schematic strokes one way or another .
Conflict begins with "The invention of Morel" ;
Amiga 3000 and programming language".asm" ....
We are still far from the stage of pictures.
Riverstone, author of comics strips then turned into an "ant" ,
but, the Lord of insects is pityless !....

Silicon Graphics at ExMachina (T.D.I. labs ) ; European
temple of computer graphic pictures , place of birth of
"Explore" the software which later generated "Maya"
along with Alias & Wavefront ....
Also worked in several projects like :
" PolaX " by L . Carax
Reference images for "Final Fantasy " and
"Man ' s adventure" by Yves Coppens ...

"Evy in Ruins" ( film and comic book) gets moving ,
quicker and easier but the author is caught in the trap :
Comic strips projects , computer Graphic pictures and
movies are simultaneous , consequently , addictive .
Fortunately insects have a short life-span .