Publication of Nagarya

limited edition (100 copies) accompanied with an
original drawing of the author


Alice, 1983, Album, Dargaud
Gommorrhe, 1982 à 1983, Album, CAP
Alice, 1984 à 1985, Collection "chefs d'oeuvres de la BD érotique, Dargaud - Rombaldi
Nagarya, 1987 ?, Album 1, CAP
Thamara & Juda, 1989, Album, CAP
Judith et Holopherne, 1993, Album, Magic Strip
Nagarya (continent perdu), 1997, Album, IPM
Evy-en-Ruines 1, (3D & BD), 2006, Album, " Sybaris", LVP


* The publishing of Chloé (trop plein d'ecumes) comic book is an illegal edition (1998) because the original texts were changed by the Publisher (Jean Carton) without permission of the author . The false texts have no links whatsoever with the original text , and the contents are turned into garbage.
Even the letters are ugly . (Some time later J. Carton died ). Thus : the unique publishing with its original texts were published in BDadult (the monthly issue ) before 1989 ....
So the counterfeit texts in the illegal comic book was published without Riverstone ' s consent and with complete disregard for the readers ...
But , the publishing of counterfeit Riverstone books (moreover with international publishing) is a matter which is difficult to evaluate because it ' s widely practiced .


Asperouse, 1980, Charlie mensuel, Editions du square
Martin Verlass, 1981 à 1982, Charlie mensuel, Dargaud
Alice, 1982 à 1983, Charlie mensuel, Dargaud
Annah O, 1984, Charlie Mensuel, Dargaud
Hotel pandore, 1984, Charlie Mensuel, Dargaud
Medisons sur les caissons, 1984, Pilote, Dargaud
Gommorrhe, 1982, Sexbulles, CAP
Gommorrhe, 1982 à 1983, BDadult, CAP
Ile des perversions, 1985 ?, BDadult, CAP
Fugue infinie, 1986 ?, BDadult, CAP
Chloé* (trop plein d'ecumes) de 1984 à 1989, BD adult, CAP
Nagarya, 1985 à 1987, BDadult, CAP
Thamara & Juda, 1988, BDadult, CAP
Judith et Holopherne, 1990, BDadult, CAP
"120 journées de Sodome" de Sade, parues de 1990 à 1994
dans mensuel "BDadult", editeur : IPM
Nagarya (continent perdu), 1992 à 1995, BD adulte, IPM
Casanova Ulterieur, 1996, BD adult, IPM
Boccace (contes), 1992 à 1995, BD adult, IPM
Evy-en-Ruines 1, (3D & BD), 2003 à 2006, BDAdult, IPM & LVP