Evy en ruines, (3D & BD), 2006, Album, " Sybaris", LVP (G. Gauthier)

" Evy in Ruins " is on the theme of the Apocalypsis , that of lives in shambles . This theme is not only a worn-out subject , it is a genuine Human Fear . The perfect place for a modern descent to " Dante ' s Inferno "...

" Evy in Ruins " presupposes a kind of blatant youth capable of resisting Abyssal demoralization ,
and a sound health that can stand the most frightening material occurences.
Yet , who hasn' t seen children play innocently among the ruins after a recent Earthquake ?
We may suppose that Evy braves stormy skies and the obscure destiny of mankind in her own way , with a stubborness that leads to madness in a world sufficiently insane as to have destroyed itself.
We may think our heroïne has drunk stagnant water since she was a child in order to resist deseases and that she walks barefoot with enough watchfulness and slowness so as to avoid stepping on iron traps and broken glass , edging her way through the shambles.
Fornication may presumably be intense in order to " Remake the World ", forget stress. Ressources, though buried , are all the more abundant since the population has diminished.