Judith et Holopherne, 1990, BDadult, CAP ( J Carton )




Judith and Holophern refers to a widely known theme from the Bible , represented in Ancient Painting and in Classical Art...
If Medias or Comics showed rivers of blood to our contemporary as Ancient Paintings did , hey would faint fearing the " basic instinct " of " mass murderers " would behead half the world ' s population ( That ' s what obviously think our hysterical and puritan Censors in 2006 ) There is a problem whithout any doubt , the right to represent is declining .

In this painted Comic Strip , the nude body often
exposes itself in the open air to make us feel its immediate
vulnerability to cruelty . Unprotected , sensuality stands
in a challenging poise like a veil thrown over the Vessel of
the World escaping furiously from madness .
Judith and Holophern ' s playful petting finally make
Holophern ' s " sword " less frightening . If not , Holophern
would represent , for her , the stallion , an oversized
Centaurus . The organ of this monster in anger could pound
her innermost parts just like cleaning out the guts from a fish .
Judith will have to face the situation and take risks ....