Nagarya, 1985 à 1987, BDadult, CAP (J. Carton)









A story on the return to Wildlife and the Myth of the " Lost Paradise ". Four Spacewrecked persons try to survive in the long term in an Unknown Universe .

It is centered around the unique female of the shipwrecked group. Anny Wellington is the only one that can assure survival and descendance . She ' s the eternal EVE . It' s not easy to forget their past life and accept to mate and give birth in the primitive way. The more they ask themselves about their origins the more they realize that wildlife presupposes choosing, finding a meaning to their existence and organizing themselves. Briefly, create Myths .

Lost Continent
As they progressively accept the inescapable return to the Dark Ages; the spacewrecked realize they are not the only ones in this strange and unexplored universe.
This will inevitably modify their strategy to survive.
They set off to look for " the other humans ", but this naked people speaking an unknown language behave as an exiled population, as if waiting or flying from a mysterious danger .
They will have to learn to communicate and shake up the taboos of these plant-like natives .
They will progressively approach the ruins of an incredibly ancient city and its frightening center ...